PJM Statement on the Newly Issued EPA Greenhouse Gas and Related Regulations

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(PJM, May 8, 2024) 

PJM has the responsibility to ensure both short- and longer-term reliability for the 65 million people we serve in a region spanning 13 states plus the District of Columbia. “Reliability” in this context refers both to the day-to-day work of managing the grid to keep the system in balance as well as ensuring that, looking forward, there are adequate resources available and committed to serve the expected demand for electricity in future years.


PGH Works Perspective

The organization responsible for keeping the lights on in PA and 12 other states says: “The future demand for electricity cannot be met simply through renewables given their intermittent nature… The EPA has not sufficiently reconciled its compliance dates with the need for generation to meet dramatically increasing load demands on the system.

Complete story here.

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