Pittsburgh Works Together Applauds Pennsylvania Legislature, Governor for Backing Pro-Job Policy Changes in New Budget

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July 8, 2022 | Pittsburgh Works Together

Pittsburgh Works Together Applauds Pennsylvania Legislature, Governor
for Backing Pro-Job Policy Changes in New Budget

By Cutting Pennsylvania's Second-Highest-in-the-Nation CNI, State Starts to Take Important steps to Spur Economic Development and Attract Jobs 

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh Works Together, a unique alliance of business and organized labor working together to promote economic development and job growth in the state, today applauded the reduction in Pennsylvania's Corporate Net Income (CNI) tax in the budget approved by the Legislature and expected to be signed by Governor Wolf.

Reducing Pennsylvania's CNI has been a cornerstone of PGH Works’ Pennsylvania Opportunity Agenda designed to remove the barriers that drag down growth and investment in the state.

“By bringing Pennsylvania’s corporate net income tax more in line with competitor states, the General Assembly and Governor Wolf are sending a strong signal to Pennsylvania employers and any firm considering relocating here that we are serious about supporting economic development and job creation," said PGH Works co-chair Thomas Melcher, business manager of the Pittsburgh Regional Building Trades Council. The council represents more than two dozen locals with 45,000 members of the unionized building trades.

“Although there is much more to do to boost manufacturing and energy production in Pennsylvania, the reduction in the CNI is a good start and a clear recognition that more needs to be done,” said PGH Works executive director Jeff Nobers.

A recent analysis by The Wall Street Journal of the 55 major metro markets in the U.S. ranked Pittsburgh #48 and Philadelphia #49 for the strength of the job market.

This spring, PGH Works released the Pennsylvania Opportunity Agenda to help counter the declining population and loss of quality jobs from which most of the state is suffering:

  • Create the Opportunity by removing barriers that drag down development and job creation, including reducing the CNI.
  • Prepare for the Opportunity by supporting training for new careers.
  • Energize the Opportunity by building on Pennsylvania's energy strengths to ensure a reliable and affordable supply while respecting the environment.
  • Seize the Opportunity to make sure the world knows about the opportunities in Pennsylvania.

In voting to reduce Pennsylvania's business taxes, Harrisburg leaders are responding to strong public sentiment that more needs to be done to build upon the Commonwealth's natural assets and history as a manufacturing and jobs leader. A PGH Works poll found that:

  • 82% of voters said Pennsylvania's business reputation must improve in order to attract more jobs.
  • 90% said the Commonwealth should use its assets to rebuild manufacturing.
  • 80% said that without a stronger economy and more jobs, there won't be enough resources available to address health care, education, public safety and quality of life issues.

To learn more about Pittsburgh Works Together and the Pennsylvania Opportunity Agenda, please visit pghworks.com

Pittsburgh Works Together is an alliance of corporate, organized labor, economic development, and workforce leaders whose goal is to build an economy that works for everybody. Pittsburgh Works is committed to an inclusive economy that respects traditional industries including manufacturing, energy, and construction alongside emerging ones, all while ensuring a sustainable environment.

Contact: Jeff Nobers - 412.977.1263

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