New coalition working to jump-start Pittsburgh economy post-coronavirus

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By Angie Moreschi | WPXI

PITTSBURGH — Manufacturing built the foundation of Pittsburgh’s economy for generations, and “Pittsburgh Works Together” hopes to capitalize on that history for the post-coronavirus future.

“During the recent crisis, the lack of supplies and interruption in our supply chain made it very, very clear we need to bring manufacturing back to the United States and specifically western Pa.,” said Tom Melcher, who works for the Pittsburgh Regional Building Trades Council.

This coalition of business, union and civic leaders hopes to capitalize not only on manufacturing, but also growth in technology and renewable energy -- like the development seen at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

The campaign has several objectives to promote growth and create jobs, including:

  • Affordable energy
  • Re-invigorating vocational education
  • Rebuilding infrastructure
  • Reducing business taxes and regulation

A main goal is to highlight the benefits of the region.

They hope success can also help ease the social unrest we are seeing today.

“I’m not saying we have the answer to institutional and systemic racism, but clearly time has shown if you give people opportunity -- if folks can make $60/70/80,000 a year with good benefits -- it stabilized their lives,” said Jeff Nobers, executive director of Pittsburgh Works Together.

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