Poll Alert: PGH Works Releases Statewide Poll, Voters Want Democrat Candidates & Pro-Growth Agenda

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August 17, 2022 | Pittsburgh Works Together

Shapiro, Fetterman Hold Double Digit Leads in New Poll

Commonwealth Voters Focused on Economy Opportunity, 

Overwhelmingly Want “All the Above” Energy Production


PITTSBURGH, PA: A new poll by the business-union alliance Pittsburgh Works Together shows Pennsylvania voters strongly favor Democrats Josh Shapiro for governor (50%-35%) and John Fetterman for the United States Senate (51%-33%) over their Republican challengers, Doug Mastriano and Mehmet Oz, respectively, in this fall’s elections.  

The poll also shows voters across the political spectrum want policies that drive economic growth and job creation, including an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy and other elements of the Pittsburgh Works Opportunity Agenda.  

“Republican and Democratic voters can’t agree that the sky is blue, so when they overwhelmingly agree that a diverse portfolio is needed for reliable and affordable energy, and nine-of-ten believe that Pennsylvania should be rebuilding its manufacturing base, politicians across the spectrum and around the country should take serious notice,” said Pittsburgh Works Executive Director, Jeff Nobers. 

“We hope, and we expect, that all candidates will focus on the issues this poll shows voters overwhelmingly support: a focus on economic development, job training and the need for an ‘all the above’ energy approach that includes natural gas, nuclear, and wind and solar,” he said.

The new poll's key takeaways include:

  • The economy and inflation are paramount concerns across the state for all voters, with 75% of poll respondents rating the economy as “fair/poor.” Distressingly, more than three-quarters believe things will get worse (47%) or stay the same (29%), over the next year.
  • 86% of voters strongly favor an “all of the above” energy strategy including natural gas, nuclear, and wind and solar in order to ensure affordability and reliability. Interest in a diverse energy portfolio cut across party lines, with support stronger among Democrats (88%) then either Republicans or Independents.
  • Nearly three-quarters of voters believe that natural gas should remain part of Pennsylvania’s energy strategy.
  • Ninety percent of voters said Pennsylvania should use its assets to rebuild the country’s manufacturing base.

The poll shows overwhelming bipartisan support for key elements of the Pittsburgh Works Pennsylvania Opportunity Agenda (pghworks.com/our-plan/), including:

  • Treating vocational training as equal to the pursuit of four-year college degrees by providing scholarships to cover key costs.
  • Using state money to prepare potential factory construction sites so Pennsylvania will be more attractive to companies thinking of locating here.
  • Cutting red tape and streamlining the permit process so routine permits do not take months and months.
  • Improving Pennsylvania’s business reputation so that companies will become more likely to bring high-paying jobs here.

“Voters are clear: business as usual won’t cut it anymore. If we don’t grow Pennsylvania’s economy, communities will continue to lose population and we won’t have the resources to address health care, education, public safety and quality of life issues,” Nobers said. “Pennsylvania has the location, the resources and the workforce to rebuild America’s manufacturing. Now what we need is the leadership in Harrisburg and Washington, DC.”

The poll of 600 registered Pennsylvania voters was sponsored by Pittsburgh Works Together and conducted by Public Opinion Strategies from August 7th to 10th with a margin of error of +/- 4.0%. A similar poll was conducted in February 2022 and comparisons with the earlier poll are included in the table below.

public opinion poll

PA bold action poll

pa vocational training poll

pa factory construction poll

*Combined strongly agree/somewhat agree or strongly support/somewhat support
*Combined strongly disagree/somewhat disagree or strongly oppose/somewhat oppose

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