CNX Unveils Partnership with Bettis Brothers and The Bus Stops Here Foundation

February 25, 2021 | CNX Resources Today, CNX Resources Corp. (NYSE: CNX), Bettis Brothers, and The Bus Stops Here Foundation announced a partnership intended to...

Pittsburgh Works Together Reports Air Quality Better than Public Perception

Feb 11 2021 | Pittsburgh Business Times By Julia Mericle  Pittsburgh Works Together published “Clearing the Air," an air quality analysis report for the southwestern...

Business Group's Report Claims Region's Air Is Getting Cleaner, Faster

Feb 12 2021 | Pittsburgh Post Gazette By Don Hopey A new report says air quality in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area has improved significantly, but...

Study Touts Region's Air Quality as Much Improved

Feb 15 2021 | Observer Reporter By Rick Shrum Three-quarters of a century ago, the Pittsburgh area’s air quality was such that the city was...

How Fossil Fuels, Ironically, Are Critical In The Development Of Renewable Energy Sources

Feb 8 2021 | Forbes By Michelle Michot Foss We talk increasingly about “critical minerals,” sources for elements spanning the periodic table that are vital,...
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A cooperative venture of business and labor, Pittsburgh Works Together is committed to a future that includes everybody – from blue-collar manufacturing to research and high-tech. We know that this region was built on the labor of men and women who combined the timeless values of family and community with the forward-looking vision of a city and region with room for every class and background.

Just the Facts


Employed in union construction industry in our region
– Bureau of Labor Statistics


People employed in manufacturing industry in in our region
– Bureau of Labor Statistics

2.4 Billion

Natural gas energy has saved 2.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalents from being released. 
– Energy Information Administration


People employed in the energy industry in our region
– Bureau of Labor Statistics
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