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March 13, 2023 | Pittsburgh Works Together

Pittsburgh Works launches new initiative to drive voter participation, focus on critical issues in Allegheny County Executive election

Jobs, and population loss top the list of critical issues

The next Allegheny County Executive will face unprecedented challenges that will affect the future of our region.

Allegheny County voters should conduct rigorous and productive job interviews with anybody who applies for the job.

To help accomplish that, the business-organized labor alliance Pittsburgh Works Together is launching an initiative intended to maintain focus on the most critical issues facing Allegheny County. The “Your County. Your Vote. Allegheny’s Future” initiative will compile and publicize candidate policy positions, host a candidate forum, and provide extensive research and analysis to help inform candidates, voters, and the media.

The first Allegheny’s Future research brief, analyzing Allegheny County’s worst-in-the-state job performance, was released today and is accessible here.

“No matter what county-focused issues most concern a voter – criminal justice, affordable housing, poverty and inequality – they will be easier to solve if we have a vibrant, growing economy,” Pittsburgh Works Executive Director Jeff Nobers said. “And they will be almost impossible to solve if we do not.”

He said the Allegheny’s Future research will include analysis of the county’s population trends, air quality, and other issues critical to the county's economy. Pittsburgh Works will also conduct public opinion polling to understand what issues county voters view as most critical.

Nobers said the goal of the Allegheny’s Future initiative is to encourage voters and the news media to press candidates to go beyond campaign rhetoric and bumper sticker slogans and outline specific actions they will take to address critical issues.

“There is an impressive list of candidates running for Allegheny County Executive, and we believe it’s valuable that voters understand the issues facing the county,” said Mike Huwar, president of Peoples Natural Gas and co-chair of Pittsburgh Works.  “Our hope is that voters can use the information we offer to elect the person best equipped to lead the county to a dynamic future.”

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