Innamorato leads in race for Democratic nomination for Allegheny County Executive, according to Pittsburgh Works poll

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May 3, 2023 | Pittsburgh Works
Contact: Ken Zapinski

Innamorato leads in race for Democratic nomination for Allegheny County Executive, according to Pittsburgh Works poll

PITTSBURGH – Sara Innamorato has surged into the lead in race for the Democratic nomination  for Allegheny County Executive, according to a new poll from Pittsburgh Works Together

The third-term state representative is the choice of 32% of registered Democrats likely to vote in  the May 16 primary, while Pittsburgh City Controller Michael Lamb and Allegheny Treasurer John Weinstein are tied with 20%, and 18% are undecided. 

The poll was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies between April 29 and May 1, and is based  on responses from 400 likely voting Democrats. It has a margin of error of +/- 4.9%. 

Innamorato was in third place in a poll of Democrats conducted in early March by Pittsburgh  Works, an organized labor-business alliance that promotes the industries that are at the  foundation of the regional economy, including energy, manufacturing, and construction.  

Weinstein was first in the March poll* with 28%, Lamb was second with 24%, and Innamorato  had 17%. Innamorato’s name recognition among Allegheny County Democratic voters went  from 48% to 80% between March and May. 

The winner of the Democratic primary will face off against Republican Joe Rockey in the  November 7 general election. Rockey, a former PNC executive, is unopposed in the Republican  primary. 

Allegheny County voters across the political spectrum are most concerned about crime and the  state of the county economy, according to another March poll** by Pittsburgh Works, with all other issues trailing far behind.  

When asked to name the biggest problem facing Allegheny County, 35% of voters, regardless of  party registration, said crime, while 23% said it was the economy. No other answer gained more  than 8% (growth/transportation.) 

Democratic voters* posted almost identical numbers as the overall electorate in the March poll:  34% said crime was the top issue, while 25% said it was the county economy. Among voters  who described themselves as “very liberal” “strong Democrats,” the economy was the top issue  (25%), followed by crime (20%).

The polling is part of the Our County, Your Vote, Allegheny’s Future initiative by Pittsburgh  Works, which is intended to encourage voters and the news media to press candidates to go  beyond campaign rhetoric and bumper sticker slogans and outline specific actions they will take  to address critical issues.  

      * The March Democrat-only figures are based on responses from 459 likely  Democratic voters and have a margin of error of +/- 4.0%. The poll was conducted  between February 28 and March 5 by Public Opinion Strategies.  
      ** The March general electorate results are based on responses from 400 likely voters  of all party affiliations in Allegheny County and have a margin of error of +/- 4.0%.  The poll was conducted between February 28 and March 5 by Public Opinion  Strategies.  

Pittsburgh Works Together is a business-organized labor-workforce-economic development  alliance working to grow jobs and expand the industries that are the foundation of our economy,  including energy, manufacturing, and construction, to provide opportunity for all residents.

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