May 24, 2022 | Pittsburgh Works Together

CNX Resources and the Allegheny County Airport Authority
Deliver Energy Innovation at Pittsburgh International Airport

At a time when global unrest and energy shortages are rocking the world, CNX Resources is taking bold steps to address the future.

In its announcement today with the Allegheny County Airport Authority, CNX is combining two world-class assets that the Pittsburgh region has to offer – our abundant natural gas and our spirit of innovation. Natural gas can help improve the environment while providing reliable and affordable energy to the hundreds of millions of people around the world who need it.

Affordable, reliable energy is the foundation of strong societies and robust economies that provide stability and quality of life to people everywhere. As we develop technologies that will help us reach carbon-reduction goals, the energy industry and Pennsylvania natural gas will be critical now and in the future.

Pittsburgh Works Together is proud that its member companies and the tens of thousands of union men and women who belong to our alliance are helping to deliver the energy that the world needs to thrive.

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